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At The Bandstand - Main Characters

*Rockin’ Robin: Flashy ’50s TV host. Anchors the show with charm and charisma.

*Cindy Sullivan: The kind-hearted "girl-next-door" type

Barb: Cindy’s best friend, really into fashion.

Judy: Cindy’s perky friend and the biggest fan of At the Bandstand.

Peggy: Cindy’s tough friend. She’s a tomboy

Laverne: Cindy’s quirky friend. Looks like a nerd, acts like an airhead.

*Darlene Worthington: A spoiled Daddy’s girl. Self-absorbed and entitled.

*Miss Maisie Skippypaws: Darlene’s sidekick cat. Speaks in expressive feline noises, sings in English.

Bandstand Kids: 
The featured performers on At the Bandstand. Great singers and dancers 

*Johnny James: The most popular of all the Bandstand Kids. A dreamy crooner. 

Wanda Jean Hannigan: Was a Bandstand Kid until a recent injury put her on crutches. She’s outgoing, the life of the party.

Mr. Worthington: Darlene’s father and corporate sponsor of At the Bandstand.